November 15, 2016

Two weeks

Not to worry, I didn’t give up or anything! I’ve just been busy.

I’m now more than two weeks into Fortress Ghosts. I’ve completed 9 chapters out of a planned 56. At this rate, it will take me somewhere around 90 days to finish the first draft.

I can feel myself hitting my stride now. It’s getting a little easier every day. I find that when I’m working on a large novel like this, it’s the beginning and the ending that are hardest–I end up soaring through the middle. Sometimes, the beginning is easiest because that’s the part kicking around in your head for the longest time, but in the case of this book, I hadn’t put as much thought into the beginning beforehand as I should have. I also still have some details to work out for the ending. But the middle? Got that covered!

I’m also working on a Codex page, which I will link once there’s enough meat to it to be worth sharing. I’m going through the previous iterations of the _Totality _series as well as the first two books to gather up all names and terms developed for it, and turn it into a glossary or quick reference for various world-building details. I had something like that way back when I worked on the first version, but of course it’s quite outdated now.

Once I have the first draft done, perhaps I will write and post some one-shots here. Little character vignettes or something. I don’t know. I’m very fickle about these things. Maybe I’ll make a poll and ask what people want to see. Gotta please the people, after all.

Onward and upward (upword?)!

P.S. Donald Trump sucks. It’s my blog and I’ll say so if I want to.